5 Questions: Lina & Tom

Lina & Tom are two extremely talented individuals who join forces to create a dynamic photography team - being a married couple themselves they know all that a wedding day has to throw at the newlyweds! With a stunning portfolio of work from The Granary Barns alone, Lina & Tom integrate themselves in to the wedding day so as not to distract from the couple or the festivities, but to make sure they are there to capture every special moment and memory. This creative couple are a Granary favourite and are one of our trusted, local suppliers and we can't recommend them enough!

We spoke with Lina & Tom to find out more about what it is to be wedding photographers and what it is like to work at our venue...

1. How did you become Wedding Photographers? Was it a career you had both dreamed of pursuing?

Lina: Like a lot of people, we originally were on different career paths when the thought of pursuing wedding photography really grabbed us. I'd worked in theatre for ten years, in various roles such as in a theatrical agency and producing shows, before taking more administrative/programming roles, yet I was a keen amateur with a camera. Tom was a Graphic Designer doing bits of photography on the side and when I saw his talent, the agent in me took him on! I had been to a lot of weddings as I have a big family (10 times a bridesmaid!) and we decided we would love to focus on these magical occasions. With the timely engagements of two sets of friends, resulting in us shooting our first weddings as official photographers, that kicked it all off and this is now our eighth year.  

2. As photographers, what is your favourite part of the day and why?

Lina: We're hopeless romantics and tend to scoot around weddings cooing at everything, but the moment our couple lock eyes on each other for the first time is just magical, you can feel the buzz in the room and we get goosebumps all the time, even eight years on. With there being two of us there, we can get it from both angles so the couple can see each others reactions.

3. How do you find it working with your partner? Are there pros and cons? :)

Lina: The great thing about us working together is the telepathy we have, we seem to always know what each other is thinking, shooting, planning...and this is definitely a big part of our work. It's also pretty good to spend all day with your favourite person, if I did this on my own I don't think we'd ever see each other. It also means when its all getting too much, we know how each other is feeling. There are cons of course, sometimes it can get tense in the office if we disagree on something or we are just working all hours - we have to remind each other we are a couple first and business partners second. It's hard to make time for dates in the wedding season!

Tom: I love it! I get to work with my best friend, and we can read each others minds which is really rather handy! Working in the same office every day for long hours can be interesting but I can escape on the bike for some 'me' time! She's the boss ;)

4. You have shot many weddings at the barns. What are your favourite locations around the barns and why?

Lina: The Granary Barns are without a doubt a favourite venue as we not only enjoy the location but we know we are always working with lovely people :) It's hard to pinpoint where we really love, there is so much to choose from but the main barn itself is very special and looks especially awesome when the party gets started. We do also like the driveway of the house next door which comes into its own at a particular time of the day...

5. Give us 3 words to describe working at The Granary Estates...

Fun, friendly and fabulous!

Thank you Lina & Tom! To see more of their beautiful photography, click through to Lina & Tom's website: www.linaandtom.com

The GG's x