Christmas Time with the GG's!

As we rapidly approach Christmas day and the chance to eat as much as we like, we thought we should take a few moments to ask our team at the Granary what it is they love about the festive season…..over to our Wedding & Events Coordinator, Parris!

What’s your favourite thing about Christmas?

It’s cheesy but has to be the socialising, good food & drink!

What’s the best/worst present you’ve ever received?

I think I am very lucky (or just not fussy) and not had many bad presents. However, I would have to say my worst present has to be a premixed Pina Colada cocktail I got in a secret Santa as I have an allergy to pineapple! (And I use to love Pina Colada too so that was not cool!).  

Best present has to be my first ever designer bag… I never thought I would ever own such a beauty!

Do you have any traditions that you do every year?

All the standard ones I think… my favourite ones have to be Boxing Day with all the cousins, cheese, wine & games! (I love Boxing Day more than Christmas day itself… shhhh!)

I also put the Christmas tree up with a bailey’s & a Christmas film playing in the background every year.. 

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Favourite food to eat at Christmas?

It has to be the cheese and cold meats. Right!?

Image - The Boston Calendar

Image - The Boston Calendar

Roses or Quality streets?

Quality streets all the way.

Christmas eve – in or out?

It use to be out but now I’ve got my own place, it’s going to be in this year :)

Christmas jumpers – yes or no?

If I have to wear one it’s going to be the ‘girliest’ one I can find!

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Christmas day – up early or prefer a lie in?

You don’t get a choice when you have 2 under 5’s in the house. Up early it is.

What are you most looking forward to doing over the Christmas season this year?

I have been organised this year and have lots of social events to go to so it has to be that.

Your fave Christmas movie?

Has to be The Grinch… big kid at heart!

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