Something a little different...

The idea of mediumship and spiritualism can be a taboo subject. Whether you are a believer or not, we've all heard of TV mediums and psychics in the public eye who are able to connect with our loved ones who have 'passed over' and deliver their messages from beyond the grave. Never ones to shy away from something a little different, here at the barns we are very open minded and so we decided to look in to this area a little further...


During the Summer (as a non-believer herself) our GG Parris attended an event with Essex based medium Natalie Walker, seeing Natalie first hand connecting people around the room with friends and relatives who are no longer with us. Being a sceptic herself, Parris was astounded by the accuracy with which Natalie picked up on personal stories and anecdotes that only they and their loved ones could have known. Because of this, we had the idea of bringing a similar event to the barns and so after getting in touch with Natalie, our 'Connect' evening became a reality.

The barns are a beautiful and sympathetic setting for an intimate event such as this and we cannot wait to dress the barns, using candles and soft lighting to suit this very special occasion.

To see a little more about Natalie and her work, please visit her website by clicking on the link below:

To purchase tickets online please follow the link below, or contact The Events Team in the office on 01638 731230:

Tickets are £20 and include a glass of Prosecco on arrival. 

This evening is a first for the barns and our team, but we are excited to see what the night brings albeit with a very open mind :) We hope those of you attending find some comfort in Natalie's work and have a great experience with us at the barns! We cannot wait to see you all on Thursday!

The GG's x


Autumn Wedding Trends

manoja_anthony_wedding-01-min (1).jpg

If you’re looking to tie the knot this Autumn, then we’ve shared the very best Autumn wedding trends for your special day.

• As the Autumn drifts in, warm shades of plum and mauves take over the vibrancy of Summer. Decorate your venue with glowing oranges, coppers and golds or if you want something slightly softer, opt for peach, apricot and lilac colours for decorations, flowers and centerpieces. 

• For the cake, celebrate the Autumn with seasonal colours such as golden oranges. The ‘naked’ cake is another big Autumn wedding trend, but instead of using Summer berries, choose colourful and seasonal produce like cranberries or a maple frosting. 

• One of the biggest Autumn wedding trends for dresses is dainty cap sleeves and for the colour, go for deep amber yellow, plum purple or fall hues. 

• And for the guys, textured suits are at the top for Autumn wedding trends. You could also try a patterned bow tie or a checkered waistcoat. 

• For table centerpieces, leaves should outnumber flowers. Try unusual foliages too, including ferns and red dahlias to suit the Autumn wedding trends. 

If you would like to make the Granary Barns your wedding venue this Autumn, give a member of our team a call on 01638 731230 or visit our contact page.