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Planning the most important day of your life can be very frustrating, after all it is your big day and you want everything to be perfect.  The Granary Estates can provide the ideal place as your wedding venues Newmarket. It can be difficult to choose between all the wedding venues Newmarket has to offer, but you can be assured that The Granary Estates can be the right choice for you!

There are venues that allow you to have your ceremony on their grounds either indoor or outdoor and the wedding party can begin immediately following the ceremony.  This can be very convenient as well as cost effective in many ways, not just for the bride and groom but for guests as well. The venue at the Granary Estates can provide overnight accommodation for the bridal party and guests. Our Newmarket wedding venues have all the necessary, experienced staff including decorators and chefs to make everything easier for you.  Venues that employ such professionals understand how important this day is for you and work very hard to ensure that your day is as beautiful and wonderful as you hoped it would be.

Since there are a number of wedding venues Newmarket has available, you will want to decide if your caterer, florist, and bar keeper are separate from the Newmarket wedding venue or if you want a venue that offers these services for you.  After you have decided that, then you must start your search for the right venue for your needs. Give us a call on 01638 508062 and we can help provide some ideas.

One of the most important things you should consider with one of the many wedding venues Newmarket area has to offer, is to make sure they can accommodate your date and the number of guests you are anticipating having.  You should not investigate a venue that cannot host the number of guests that you would like to share and celebrate your big day with.  You have to keep in mind that other Newmarket wedding venues allow for multiple ceremonies or parties during the same day and just mark off a certain territory, while others provide you, solely, the location for your day.

You will then want to schedule an appointment to meet with the ones that seem to suit your needs the best. This way you can see first-hand, the setting and the service we offer to ensure you’ve made the right choice.

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