November Showcase 2019

STYLING / FAIRY LIGHTS / PROPS - The Granary Estates


FLOWERS - What The Fleur

LOUNGE STYLING - Hall & Co. Event Design

DJ SET UP - Cambridge Wedding Services

NEON LIGHTS - Fox & Braces

STATIONERY - The Luxe Paper Co.

GRANARY CATERERS (Gift bags) - CDC Weddings, Crown Catering Cambridge & Hall & Co. Event Design

Last weekend can be summed up in one word….. AMAZING! Working together with our industry friends (listed above) we put on the November Showcase; a chance to give newly engaged couples, or those who are still on their venue search, the opportunity to see our barn venue in all it’s cosy, autumnal glory! A huge thank you to all involved and we hope that you those of you who attended found it inspiring and informative… could we be the venue for you?! (We hope so!)

Planning is already underway for our annual January Showcase which will be taking place across two weeks at the very beginning of 2020. Details of the January Showcase will be released in late December where exclusive appointments for newly-engaged couples will be available. Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for more information!

Here’s some images from last weekend for today’s #WeddingWednesday…

Trick or treat?


Some people LOVE Halloween and some just don’t celebrate it at all! Whether you are all for this spooky time of year and a horror movie or two, or would rather eat the trick or treaters sweets yourself ;), we hope these devilishly delicious cocktails may be a ‘treat’ for you all!

Award-winning bartender and bar manager of 1815 The Union Bar, Sam Heap, took on the challenge of creating 4 halloween themed cocktails for you to sample at home!

Located in the city centre just behind the Round Church, 1815 forms part of the historical Cambridge Union and is named after the year of its founding. Steeped in history and welcoming and warm on arrival, we highly recommend popping in for a coffee, bite to eat or alcoholic beverage on your next visit to Cambridge :)

DSCF0621 copy-min.jpg
DSCF0614 copy-min.jpg



25ml Cambridge dry gin

40ml lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup





50ml Zubrowka vodka

50ml beetroot juice

50ml tomato juice

1815 Bloody Mary Mix: Reggae reggae sauce, tabasco, lea & perrins and a dash of pickling vinegar




50ml Tiki fire rum

50ml lime juice

50ml apple juice

10ml sugar syrup

1 pipet of Ms. Better’s Bitters

1 charcoal powder capsule




50ml limoncello

Juice from 2 large limes

Jam donut sugar syrup

Raspberry puree




You can’t beat a warm, hearty bowl of pasta! With around 300 different shapes and varieties of pasta in Italy alone, it’s a versatile and easy food to prepare. And we thought what better excuse to get another mouth-watering recipe from Hall & Co on World Pasta day! Buon appetito!

Salmon & Lobster Tortellini, Charred Spring Onions,

and Braised Baby Fennel with a Lemon & Chervil Sauce 


To make the pasta

3 large free range eggs

300g ’00’ Flour

Place the flour in a bowl, make a well in the centre and crack the eggs into it, beat the eggs with a fork until smooth. Using the tips of your fingers, mix the eggs with the flour, incorporating a little at a time, until everything is combined. Once combined knead the pieces of dough together until it forms a smooth ball of dough. 

Once the dough is made you need to knead the dough to develop the gluten in the flour, this will need to be kneaded for 5-10 minutes. Once done wrap tightly in cling film and leave to rest in the fridge for an hour before use. 

To make the salmon & lobster mousse

200g Salmon 

2 Small Lobster Tails 

1 Large egg white 

50ml double cream 

salt and pepper to taste

zest of 1/2 lemon 

1 tablespoon chopped chervil 


Place your food processor bowl in the fridge or freezer for 10-15 minutes (this will help by making the mouse less likely to split)

Once the bowl is chilled add the salmon to the bowl and blitz until smooth, leave the food processor running and add the egg white.

Once well combined add the cream and blitz until smooth, take out of the processor and place in a separate bowl. 

Place this bowl into a larger bowl resting on ice, this again will help to prevent the mouse from splitting. 

Add the chopped chervil, lemon zest and a pinch of salt and pepper. 

You can test the mouse by placing a tablespoon of the mixture in the middle of some cling film, rolling it like a sausage, tying a knot in both ends and poaching it in boiling water for 2-3 minutes, now you can check the seasoning and add more if needed. 

Braised baby fennel

1 packet of baby fennel 

300ml vegetable stock 

50g unsalted butter 

1 lemon 

salt and pepper 

Bring the vegetable stock to the boik add the butter and zest of the lemon. Place the fennel in a small oven proof dish and cover with the stock. Place in an oven at 160 degrees for 30-35 minutes until tender. 

Lemon and chervil sauce 

2 small banana shallots 

1 lemon 

Handful of chopped chervil 

250ml white wine 

500ml double cream 

salt and pepper 

Start by sweating off the shallots in a little rapeseed oil so they are cooked but without colouring. Once sweated down add the white wine and reduce until there is barley any left, now add the cream and reduce by half. Simmer for 5-10 minutes, then add the salt and pepper and a splash of lemon juice.

To make the tortellini 

Take the dough and divide in 2, take one half and roll out with a rolling pin until it is a couple of mm thick.

Start rolling this through the pasta machine, start on the thickest setting and work your way down the gears until you reach the lowest, you should have a sheet of nice thin pasta, you may need to keep dusting the pasta with flour to avoid sticking to the table and the machine.

With a pastry cutter cut out circles roughly 6-8cm wide. Lay out the circles and using a tea spoon place a quails egg size spoonful of the mixture in the centre. 

Fill a small dish with water, place the disc of pasta in your hand and brush one half of the circle with water. Bring the two sides together, squeezing tightly and pushing out any excess air with your fingers.

With the half moon of pasta in your hand, push a finger into the base of the pasta, so it looks like you are crushing the pasta, now bring both corners together wrapping around your index finger and sealing with a touch of water, repeat the process until mousse and pasta is used up. 

Bring a pan of salted water to the boil.

Heat a small non stick frying pan with a splash of rapeseed oil and allow to smoke, once smoking add the spring onions and char, keep them moving to avoid burning, once coloured and a knob of butter and pop on a low heat until needed.

Place the pasta in the boiling water for 2-3 minutes, bring the sauce to the boil and with a hand blender, blend the sauce to create bubbles like a cappuccino.

Drain the pasta and place in the serving bowl, lay the spring onions and baby fennel over the pasta and drizzle with sauce. 


Taste Sensations…


With so many options for dining out or being able to purchase all sorts of ingredients from our local supermarket to try at home, we are spoilt for choice these days with what cuisine we are going to try next!

Granary caterers Hall & Co. Event Design gave us an insight into modern cuisine and how they think the catering world is developing as we celebrate World Food Day 2019.

How have tastes and attitudes towards foreign cuisine changed over the years with your wedding couples?

Couples are focusing more and more on their own tastes, rather than choosing “safe” dishes. We really support this move towards a couples travels and tastes influencing their menus as we believe every aspect of the day should be a reflection of the couple, right down to the flavouring and presentation of the dishes.

Are there particular cuisines that you see being popular in 2020?

Over the last 12 months & heading into 2020 we have seen a much larger percentage of weddings going for middle eastern influences within their menu, this also ties in well with the feasting trends we have seen in the industry with large mezze platters being a popular way to kick off the wedding breakfast.

Image -

Image -

Does having a foreign cuisine for your wedding/event food mean that it will cost a lot more?

Not usually, as a rule this doesn’t add to the cost with us. The only time it does is where ingredients or elements of the dishes aren’t readily available from our usual suppliers, however there’s not a lot we can’t get hold of!

Give us some examples of some delicious dishes that you have created in the past year….

o    Chicken, apricot and hazelnut koftas, charred sweetcorn and za'atar salsa, coriander and lime yogurt, crispy sage and lemon oil 

o    Curried chicken poppadom crisp, mango chutney, toasted coconut & lime pickle

o    Buttermilk tempura broccoli, cumin seed slaw, pickled red cabbage, sriracha mayonnaise, sweet chilli cashews

o    Moroccan spiced cauliflower steak, caramelised cauliflower puree, garlic & shallot buttered greens, lemon & coriander yoghurt, pomegranate & toasted almonds

o    Spanish Pinxtos including Brochetta de gambas with vingerette, onions, red pepper, green pepper

o    Our evening food Gyros stand has also been very popular!

What about dessert dishes?

This has been a slower trend than the savoury, however we have had some delicious desserts incorporating rose, honey & pistachios this summer, along with traditional baklava & Pastel de nata (which are the best!)

Baklava (Image -

Baklava (Image -

Pastel De Nata (Image -

Pastel De Nata (Image -

How have your personal travels influenced your menus?

Our menu is influenced by both our and the teams personal tastes, food journey, travels and previous careers. Also within the menu pack are lots of dishes that have been created as bespoke menus for clients but that we loved so much we’ve added to the pack.

Whenever we travel it’s the food stops that get planned first and then everything else slots in around it!

Lots of our team are also focusing on a more plant based diet and you will see lots of influence from this throughout the menu pack, something that has been really well received by our couples.

How do the chefs get inspiration?

Eating out both in restaurants, pubs and from street food markets, good old Instagram helps us keep up to date with trends further afield, produce sample boxes from our suppliers is also a great way for our team to experiment with more obscure ingredients that they perhaps hadn’t considered before. We have nearly 100 cookbooks in the office for the kitchen team to dip into when looking for inspiration, these range from French classics to Indian spicing and everything inbetween.

Image -

Image -

Does the food influence the styling aspect and how the food is served?

Absolutely and as does the couple. Couples can select from a range of food presentation items and we will always talk through the different presentation options. Couples have also cited influences such as Ottolenghi for presentation styles and this covers anything from the way in which the vegetables are cut to how the items are dressed.

‘Ottolenghi Style’ (Image -

‘Ottolenghi Style’ (Image -

What are your favourite cuisines and where would you like to visit next?

  • Spanish (we had an amazing bespoke Spanish influenced menu this year)

  • Lebanese

  • Mexican

Would like to visit Sri Lanka & Morocco next!

Spanish Cuisine (Image -

Spanish Cuisine (Image -

Lebanese Cuisine (Image -

Lebanese Cuisine (Image -

Mexican Cuisine (Image -

Mexican Cuisine (Image -


Moroccan spiced cauliflower steak, caramelised cauliflower puree, garlic & shallot buttered greens, lemon & coriander yoghurt, pomegranate & toasted almonds

menu tasting-127 (1).jpg

To make the receipt vegan swap the butter for a dairy free alternative and swap the Greek yogurt for coconut yogurt.

Feeds 4 people


2 large cauliflowers

2 tsp harissa paste

2 tsp ras al hanout paste

1 bulb garlic

Good handful chopped coriander

2 lemons - zest and juice

500ml vegetable stock

100ml cream

Block unsalted butter

2 large shallots diced

 500g Seasonal greens, we like to use cavalo nero

200g Greek yoghurt

1 pomegranate

100g toasted flaked almonds


Begin by cutting four steaks out of the cauliflower. Do this by cutting the cauliflower directly down the middle. Then cut off the curved edges leavening a steak about 1- 2 inch thick. (The reason we cut from the middle is this is where the core is, so the steak will stay whole while cooking).

Place the cauliflower trim in a sauce pan and leave to one side.

In a small bowl mix together the harissa, ras al hanout, half of the coriander, 3 crushed cloves of garlic, zest and juice of 1 lemon and a good pinch of salt and pepper.

Spread this all over the steaks and give it a good rub in with your hands. Allow to marinate until cooking, this can be done the day before.

For the puree, add a knob of butter to the pan with the cauliflower trim and gently fry the trim until it starts to lightly colour.

Add the vegetable stock and cream and bring to the boil. Simmer until the cauliflower is tender.

Drain the cauliflower and keep the liquid in a jug.

Put the cauliflower in a food processor and blitz until smooth. Add any of the additional liquid to help with the consistency, this can now be left in a small pan to be reheated once needed.

For the garlic and shallot butter, take ½ a block of butter, mix with the diced shallot and 3 cloves of grated garlic, and a good pinch of salt and pepper.

To prepare the cavolo nero, remove the centre by holding it in one hand and pulling the leaves off with the other.

To make the yoghurt, mix with the rest of the coriander and the zest and juice of 1 lemon, salt and pepper to taste.

Cut the pomegranate in half and with a rolling pin, bash the outer side of the fruit to release the seeds and place in a bowl until needed, be careful to pick any white bits out as these are from the core of the fruit and not nice to eat.

To cook the steaks, warm 2 tbsp of rapeseed oil in a large frying pan, place the 4 steaks in the pan and fry until golden brown. Flip the steaks and add the rest of the butter. With a large spoon, baste the steaks with the butter, turn the hob down and keep basting for a further 5 minutes.

With a knife check the steak is cooked, if not pop in the oven on 180 for 5 minute to finish cooking.

While the steak is cooking, warm the puree.

Gently melt the garlic and shallot butter and add the cavolo nero to the butter, fry gently until tender.

Place a spoonful of puree in the middle of each plate and in a circular motion spread the puree out, place a good handful of cavolo nero in the middle of the puree and place the steak on top, dollop a good spoonful of yoghurt and sprinkle with the pomegranate seeds and toasted almonds. Enjoy!!!

Real Weddings at The Granary Barns



Another beautiful summer wedding at the barns, this sunny day back in summer 2018 saw the unique nuptials of Fran and her husband, Drew. With guests travelling over from the other side of the pond, they had a mix of American and English traditions with some delicious food, touching moments, sunset walks and a party to remember!

This selection of photos from David Boynton Photography is a wonderful reminder of that day…. we hope you enjoy! :)


This was one of the hardest parts of wedding planning, because I had absolutely no idea what I wanted. I’d never been wedding dress shopping with anyone before and was lost as to what the right way to find the perfect dress was (in hindsight, there is no right way!)

One day my Mum, bridesmaids and I were at a wedding fair when my Mum called from behind, pulling us towards a dress designer she had found. I had zero intention of finding a wedding dress at a fair, but I fell in love with every single Ivory and Co dress on display. After trying on a few and chatting to the designer, Sarah, I picked out what – with a few customisation’s - I thought would be my dress and headed to their studio a few weeks later. We had the place to ourselves and the team there were so knowledgeable and patient – they knew what I wanted before I did! I ended up with a beautiful custom dress that made me feel so special. When I went for the first fitting, the first time I had seen the complete dress, my Mum and bridesmaids looked at me filled with happiness, and I couldn’t stop smiling and twirling round the studio like I was in a 2009 Taylor Swift video! It was a moment I’ll never forget; our wedding felt more real than it ever had before, and I was now even more excited to marry Drew and spend the rest of our lives together.



Drew is originally from the US, so when your groomsmen are split over both sides of the Atlantic, finding a suit for everyone is tricky! We ended up buying suits in the UK through Moss Bros and sending half of them to the US. A few minor (or in some cases, major) alterations later, everyone looked great! We have similar taste so picking out a suit was easy. In keeping with the rustic barn surroundings, we didn’t want anything overly formal, so chose a medium grey suit with a subtle birds eye pattern. Drew added a waistcoat and a lighter coloured tie to differentiate himself from the groomsmen and our fathers.

Small touches really make a wedding your own – we made gift boxes made as part of our wedding party favours and packed them with socks, cuff links, a tie and other goodies for the guys (and did something similar for the girls, too!) to complete the look.


We visited several wedding venues, but the moment we walked into The Granary Estates we knew it was the place we wanted to get married. The barns and grounds were immaculate, and the original features left us starstruck; the barns, courtyard, everything! Knowing how unpredictable the British weather can be, we wanted somewhere that our whole wedding party could enjoy come rain or shine, and both barns and their surroundings offered exactly that.

The great thing about The Granary Estates is that it’s already so picturesque you don’t have to worry too much about decoration! In the Flint Barn, our florist, Clare, added foliage to the vertical beams and some small bouquets to the end of each row of chairs, and we worked with Elizabeth from Hall and Co to add drapes to the main barn.

We created our own wedding stationary including save the dates, through to personalised menus and wedding invitations. I took calligraphy classes to write names and titles and we created a foliage motif using watercolour that I hand painted onto every invite, order of service and menu. It took a long time but was totally worth it to have something so personal and memorable. 

For the wedding breakfast, we wanted the tables to look classy and timeless whilst not looking like every other table you’ve sat at for a wedding. We worked with Elizabeth to source grey table clothes (to match the bridesmaid dresses and colour scheme), used gold cutlery and charger plates with a subtle gold rim, and used glassware with a modern shape. For the centre pieces, we had three pillar candles surrounded by foliage loosely placed to give a romantic atmosphere. Finally, we had the personalised menus put on each place setting with a sprig of olive branch in keeping with the foliage theme.



Clare at Clare Jones Floral Design created all the bouquets, centrepieces and floral accents throughout the venue. We wanted flowers that were fairly neutral - whites with a splash of pale purple to match the bridesmaid’s dresses – and a lot of foliage to match the rustic barns. We researched what kind of look we wanted before meeting Clare who took our Pinterest dreams and made them a reality. The bouquets looked stunning and smelt amazing. For the guys, we added purple thistle instead of a flower to the buttonholes to add texture and differentiate them from the girls’ bouquets.

One year on, my Mum still has my bouquet and is filling box frames with the dried flowers as a keepsake; it’s incredible how they’ve have kept their colour!


We had five bridesmaids, all with different hair colour! I had a very particular grey/lavender dress colour in my head and wanted a relaxed style that wasn’t overly formal but still recognisable as a bridesmaid dress. To find “the one”, we ordered about ten different dresses online and made a day out of it; a few bridesmaids came over to mine, we opened a bottle of wine (or three) and tried on all the dresses! It was much more fun (and private) than if we were to go to a store, and we were able to take as long as we needed to decide. Luckily my bridesmaids liked the same dress and all looked stunning in it!


We had our legal ceremony the day before our wedding at the Granary Estates which was the best decision we could have made. It meant that on the day, we weren’t nervous about saying the wrong thing or having to plan the day around the registrar schedule and stress about being on time. We chose to have a close friend conduct the ceremony which made it all the more personal (thank you, Oli, for taking the role so seriously and doing such a great job!).

We planned the order of service together and let our two readers pick out their readings (though we kept veto rights just in case!) and since we weren’t restricted to what we had to say, we wrote our own vows. The bridal party walked in to an instrumental version of a "You Are In Love" by Taylor Swift, which one of my incredibly talented bridesmaids composed and recorded for us. From the moment our eyes met we couldn’t stop smiling at each other! Being in the Flint Barn full of our family and friends made it a really special and intimate moment, there were definitely a few tears shed!



Elizabeth from Hall and Co crafted an incredible menu for us, from the welcome canapes right through to the evening food. We loved the creativity and flexibility to offer our guests a choice of food that we love, and the incredible detail to presentation. Plus, we were able to make some tweaks. She was completely fine making some tweaks to their usual recipes and adding a few touches that made the menu our own. We chose a his and hers cocktail for the welcome drinks, served with eight different canapes ranging from tempura sprouting broccoli with a soy & coriander dip to scallops with chorizo and crème fraiche. For the wedding breakfast, we gave our guests a choice of starter, main and dessert – we had sticky toffee pudding and New York cheesecake for guests to choose and between, a traditional British or American dessert! 

We had so many compliments about the food at our wedding, and it’s still something people remember to this day.



We kicked off the evening with our first dance to the song, "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore. It’s an American Country song that we both love and means a lot is personal to us. The idea of just the two of us dancing in front of more than 70 people was a little daunting, but those few minutes flew by. When we think back to that moment, we remember the big smiles on our faces surrounded by our loved ones.

Being fortunate to have sunshine all day meant we not only had the dance floor going all night, but also made full use of the courtyard for guests who wanted to take a quick break from showing off their moves. We had a fire pit and Adirondack chairs with blankets which together with the fairy lights made for a cosy atmosphere. Towards the end of the night we gathered for a sparkler send-off (it’s somewhat scary being in a big white dress surrounded by your loved ones pointing burning sticks at you, but definitely worth it!) and ended the night on the dance floor with all our guests gathered round in a circle with us in the middle. It was the perfect end to our day… eight hours after we kicked off the ceremony almost everyone was still standing!



We used David Boynton Wedding Photography for both photography and videography. Dave and I went to the same school growing up and I’d followed his wedding photography since he started, so we were familiar with his style and above all trusted him to be there for us throughout the procession time and deliver incredible photographs.

We saw some of the images on the day and got the full album around a month later. Perfect is an understatement. They are perfect to us; we have a wide range of formal, causal and action shots that capture everything we experienced on the day. One of our favourites is of the two of us underneath a huge blossoming tree at the back of the Estates (Dave grabbed us and said, “guys, I’ve found a great tree we can use as a backdrop” - we were a bit sceptical given there are hundreds of trees around, but he really did find something spectacular!) as well as the shots of us in the wheat fields at sunset without a single cloud in the sky. We also had photos of us getting ready earlier in the day. When we first visited the barns and saw the cottages, we thought it would be fun to have a photo taken of the two cottages with us standing in our respective doorways without us seeing each other (sort of a first look but without the look!) We had no idea what it would look like until we saw the photograph; Drew was already suited and booted, whilst I was still in my PJs!



When you start planning your wedding, do the things YOU care most about, don’t just follow a trend or tradition! For us, this translated to learning how to create the perfect wax seal with our custom stamp for our wedding invitations, moving the legal ceremony to the day before in favour of having a personalised ceremony led by friends and family, and other decisions we took that made the day special to us.

If we could give a single piece of advice, it would be this: during the evening, while everyone is dancing, chatting and having fun, grab your wife/husband and take five minutes together to take everything in. We took a walk around the barns, just the two of us. Just as everyone tells you, the day really does fly by and so by spending a short time alone with each other, we made perfect memories of our incredible, special day.


Summer lovin'

This August is full to the brim with wonderful weddings at the barns! We have loved seeing how each couple are getting creative and putting their own style on things with their table plans, stationery, games, beam decor and flowers - its different every day and we love it!

We have also been looking back at some gorgeous weddings over the past few years which have also taken place in August - looking back makes us smile just as much as it did on the day!

As we near the end of another week, we are excited to host more wonderful celebrations under our timber beams and can’t wait to meet lots of new faces throughout the rest of the month.

We’d also like to wish all of the couples featured below a very happy anniversary for this month - time to pop some bubbly we think ;) Now it’s time for some summer inspo….


ROB + ROCHELLE 11.08.19

Tom Halliday Photography


LISA + NEIL 11.08.16

Lottie Ettling Photography


AIMEE + CHRIS 10.08.17

Fay Andrea Weddings


MARK + SOPHIE 08.08.15

Lina & Tom


AMY + MARK 19.08.16

Jessica Reeve Photography


LIZZIE + GEOFF 03.08.17

Stuart Deadman Photography



Rebecca Louise Photography


LAURA + DIRK 19.08.17

Greg Coltman Photography


KIM + GAVIN 16.08.18

Weddings by Adrian Dewey



Daniel Ackerley Photography

Real Weddings at The Granary Barns



Matthew and Nicole began planning their wedding day when they were living in different countries (Nicole in America and Matthew here in the UK)… not an easy feat! But with the help of our team and Hall & Co., they were able to create the day of their dreams!

Take a look at a selection of images by the talented Olivia & Dan, captured on their special day back in April. If you’re looking for some serious style inspiration coupled with wonderful memories, this is the blog for you…..


I really thought I wanted a Hermoine de Paula, super embroidered, ‘English Rose’ with an edge type of dress. I tried on probably 20 dresses in that style and something just wasn’t working! Finally, I had one of my bridesmaids suggest I try something on the simpler side and that was it. Waterworks. Loved it immensely, and that ended up being my dress!

I chose my dress because it made me feel like me! I’m not a flashy dresser, but I do like really polished numbers, like a jumpsuit, blazer, etc. And I felt like my dress had a touch of that. And what girl doesn’t dream about having a Vera Wang dress!



Matt got his suit from an amazing place called Bespoken For where they make custom made to measure suits. The company is run by an ex banker. He used to buy suits for work from Savile Row, but got tired of paying a lot of money. So they founded their company, which uses the same materials that they use on Savile Row, but they are manufactured overseas to keep costs down.

Matt picked all the materials and finishes himself, down to the thread colour. He even had the wedding date embroidered on the inside!  So it was super special. Matt wore navy, and so did his groomsmen. The best men wore grey, so that they would stand out.

Matt chose everything! And it was a surprise for me. I didn’t see it until the day.


I was living in the states when we started planning our wedding, and I spent HOURS upon HOURS looking at venues online. We were open to anything and everything. From a city wedding, to a manor, to a hotel, to a warehouse. It was lots to narrow down. But believe it or not, Granary was the first place we viewed. And after meeting the GG’s, we were sold! The team put us completely at ease. We viewed one more venue on the same day, and we just had a feeling that nothing would beat Granary. From the style of the barn (rustic but modern), to the GG’s, to the ease of access for my travelling family, to the proximity to nearby hotels. We were in love.

We wanted to do something that felt like us… traditional, but a little bit edgy and unique. We didn’t really have a theme! It was more like.. ‘Oh that would be cool! Let’s do that!” Hall and Co were AMAZING at taking alllllll our ideas and organising them and bringing them to life! From the pampas, to the AMAZING flower pillars/turn photo backdrop! Such creativity and talent!

We were BEYOND PLEASED with the results. ABSOLUTELY BLOWN AWAY. It literally brought tears to our eyes. We could not have imagined anything more perfect.



Hall and Co did all of our flowers and foliage! We started planning a little late in the game.. and it was in the midst of me moving from the states to the UK! So Matt and I wanted one place to help us in our frantic state.

When it came to the floral styling, what didn’t we choose??? During our first meeting with Hall and Co, we wanted really really classic white and greens. (Right after the royal wedding, I think that was having an effect on me!! Ha!) But even then, we knew we wanted something statement making!

After we thought about it more, we started chatting about some other fun ideas that we liked and saw on Pinterest. And we arrived at… PAMPAS! From there, the traditional vision transformed a bit with the help of Jo and Kerry, and we arrived with EXACTLY what we wanted! Still lots of white and greens, but with these beautiful blushes and nudes incorporated that I think complimented the barns perfectly! You’ll have to ask Jo the flower names… all I can remember was pampas and the David Austin roses!


I had 11 bridesmaids. My dad was in the army, so I moved so many times as a kid and young adult. So I had all of my best girl friends from each place I’ve lived by my side! We’ve all managed to keep in touch!

The ladies got to choose their own bridesmaids dresses. I actually picked a paint swatch of creams and told them to go wild! I LOVED the outcome!

When I think back to my favourite moments with my 'bride tribe’, if I’m honest, it was just being together for the whole week prior to the wedding! It was honestly a once in a lifetime moment to have so many ladies from all over the world together in one place! But a memory that stands out is just having that first glass of bubbles in the morning, and us all being in one large room chatting and getting ready together. And taking an impromptu group picture on the bed, where we were all feeling like Victoria Secret angels I think!


I felt SO emotional, and so excited just before the ceremony. Not really nervous. Just so eager to see one another, and with SUCH an adrenaline rush!

It felt indescribable to have all of our friends and family at our wedding day. It was one of the most important thing about the day for us. We are honestly so blessed with the most amazing family and friends. It gives us goosebumps just thinking about it. You could FEEL the love in the room!

The ceremony itself flew by. We remember blips, but the emotions were just running so high!



Hall and Co catered for our wedding, the best ever.

They provided the most gorgeous canapes, regular and vegan. An out of this world parma and cheese starter, THE BEST shin of beef we’ve ever had, and a salt caramel Eton mess! Oh, and can’t forget the most AMAZING Puerto Rican inspired tacos made especially for my Puerto Rican family.



We were SO pleased with how the Granary looked for the wedding reception. I think the bits that stand out were obviously the flowers, along with the lights and candles. Oh and the order of service and seating chart! STUNNING!!!

We knew our evening entertainment had to be a band all the way! We chose the Teenage Kicks. They knew our first dance song, and honestly we just love a bit of rock/indie!

Our first dance was ‘I Love You Baby’ by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. We saw Jersey Boys together when we first started dating, and it’s been on rotation ever since. And we just love the part when it all kicks off with the brass band!

Would we like to do it all over again? YES YES YES. And it was a unanimous YES from our guests too. Honestly trying to find an excuse to get together like that all over again! The music, the drinks, the energy! Amazing.



Olivia and Dan. We just found them by googling! We loved that they were a husband and wife duo, and they were just so amazingly sweet from the first conversation we had with them! We love their moody, cinematic style that was really candid and natural. We wanted someone who could capture the ‘real’ moments! And they so did!

We received our photos 8 weeks after the wedding, which was expected. First thoughts? SO MUCH JOY AND EMOTION. It was like reliving the most perfect day all over again! We were actually BLOWN AWAY by how perfectly they captured everything!!

My favourites photos have to be all of the ceremony shots. And the reactions during the speeches! And the dancing photos! (Nearly all, so hard to choose!) The great thing was that they were so unobtrusive. We barely noticed they were there, yet they got the MOST amazing shots!

We’ve printed a few images since the wedding. But we plan to make a book as a gift to our parents.


 After having some time to step back and think about our day what I remember the most is the absolute tidal wave of love and support we felt from our family and friends. I don’t think we’ve ever felt as loved and blessed. And honestly, we remember Parris and Kerry (from Hall & Co) being absolute ROCK STARS! They treated our day like it was theirs. They made us feel so special and looked after. And no request was too big or small. They were completely composed, and handled everything with ease! That makes a HUGE difference, because we felt like we could be at ease and just enjoy the day!!

Thinking if there things we chose to have on the day that I wouldn’t have now, I cant say I would’ve changed a thing. I think we did just the right amount. We didn’t get too caught up in favours, table games, etc. Which I’m so glad we didn’t! Because we had  the best time and didn’t really miss it! We did do favours though, but just kept it simple. Mini eggs and a shot of café patron! Because why not. ;)

If I could give a top tip for future brides/grooms it would be to forget convention, and do what you want! It’s your special day, and it should be fun! At the end of the day, everything will work out. So just enjoy every moment, because it will be over before you know it! 

Could we be the venue for you?


Hello! We hope you’ve enjoyed the glorious weather this weekend!

We wanted to check in with you this Sunday afternoon to let you know we have a couple of days coming up in July when we will be holding a number a personal show rounds :) Hurray!!! So the big question is…are you looking for your perfect wedding venue? If the answers yes, then why not come and say hello?!

Image - Ania Ames Photography

Image - Ania Ames Photography

On Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th July our GG Parris will be holding exclusive viewings of the barns where you will be able to take a look around our venue and ask any questions you like!

Appointments are limited and are first come, first served so be quick to guarantee your space.

Get in touch on 01638 731230 or email to book your appointment.

Image - Olivia & Dan Photography

Image - Olivia & Dan Photography

We look forward to meeting you!

The GG’s :)

CDC Weddings: British Cuisine

Driftwood Goats’ Cheese, Beetroot Marmalade, Walnuts, Watercress

Driftwood Goats Cheese

1 goats cheese log

Cut log into 4 equal pieces. Use a blow torch to caramelise the top of the goats cheese straight onto the plate.  


Beetroot Marmalade

100g grated raw beetroot

40ml water

40g caster sugar

1 cinnamon stick

2 bay leaves

90g redcurrant jelly

20g walnut halves

Salt and pepper

Place all ingredients into a pan and bring to the boil. Gently simmer for 2-3 hours until liquid has reduced and the beetroot is cooked, stir and check seasoning. Set aside to cool.



12g watercress

Wash and trim watercress


Candy Beetroot

2 candy beetroot, raw

Thinly slice and elegantly arrange on the plate as per the picture.


20g walnut halves

Tablespoon melted butter

Mix walnuts through melted butter. Line a tray with grease proof paper and lay out the walnuts halves and bake in the oven until golden.


Arrange all elements onto the plate as per the picture.

Hall & Co: Spanish Tapas

Borlotti Bean and Chorizo Stew



2x400g tins borlotti bean

3 banana shallots

4 Cloves garlic

30g tomato paste

1ltr passata

300ml red wine

300g spicy chorizo sausage (diced)

Pinch saffron

Salt and pepper to taste

Handful chopped oregano



Begin by chopping shallots and gently frying in a splash of olive oil.

Cook for 2-3 minutes until tender, crush garlic and add to shallots, fry for a minute or two.

Add diced chorizo and cook for 8-10 minutes until the chorizo is lightly coloured and tender, now add the tomato paste and cook again for a further 2-3 minutes.

Add the red wine and saffron, once reduced add the pasatta and the borlotti beans, season with salt and pepper.

To intensify the flavour cook the stew (covered) in the oven at 160 degrees for an hour to an hour and a half, (for a quicker solution simmer on the stove top for 30 minutes)

To serve sprinkle with the oregano and plenty of parmesan

CDC Weddings: French Cuisine

Confit Duck Leg, Potato Rösti, Braised Red Cabbage, Carrot Purée and Port Sauce

Confit Duck leg

4 duck legs

1 litre duck fat

Place the legs in a deep oven proof dish. Put in the meat and cover with the rendered fat. Cover the dish with foil and place in the oven to cook for 3 hours or until the meat comes easily away from the bone. Leave to cool in the fat. Set aside for later.


Potato rosti

75g Unsalted butter

2 Thyme sprigs


750g Peeled potatoes

Combine all ingredients together. Line a deep tray with baking parchment and press the mix into the tray. Cover with foil and bake at 180 degrees for 60 minutes. Remove the foil and then bake for another 15 minutes. Cool and set aside for later.


Braised red cabbage

350g sliced red cabbage

70ml red wine vinegar

70ml red cooking wine

5g caster sugar

3g ground cinnamon

6g redcurrant jelly


Mix all ingredients together and place in a large pan. Leave braised cabbage to cook, stirring occasionally until cabbage is tender. Set aside for later.


Carrot puree

80g Diced carrot

2g caster sugar

3g pomace oil

2g Maldon salt

Boil carrots until cooked, Drain 90% of water, add oil, sugar and salt and blend until smooth.


Port sauce

300ml beef stock

100ml red wine

100ml port

2 tbsp redcurrant jelly

Place the beef stock into a sauce pan and reduce by one third. Add the red wine, port and redcurrant jelly. Leave to simmer for arpund 45 minutes or until the sauce coats the back of the spoon. Set aside for later.

To assemble the dish

Put the rosti in the oven until hot in the middle, Put the puree into a small pan and put on a low heat, Heat the cabbage in a pan on a low heat, Put the sauce into a small pan to heat. Fry the duck legs in a little oil until crispy and once all elements are hot, assemble onto the plate as per the picture.

Hall & Co: Middle Eastern

Chicken, apricot and za’atar koftas, coriander and lemon yoghurt, charred corn salsa, lemon oil and Toasted nigella seeds


250g chicken mince

250g sausage meat (we find chicken mince too wet on its own so add the sausage meat)

2 banana shallots

3 cloves garlic

Handful chopped dried apricots

1x tablespoon za’atar

Salt and pepper

Handful chopped coriander

1 lemon

200g natural Greek yoghurt

1 corn on the cob

1 red onion

Tablespoon nigella seeds

Handful chopped oregano

100ml extra virgin olive oil

1 bottle lemon oil

Begin by gently frying the diced banana shallots, cook for 2-3 minutes, then add the grated garlic and cook for 1-2 minutes, allow to cool.

Add to the minced meats, chopped apricots, half tablespoon of the za’atar, salt and pepper, give this a really good mix and shape into small kofta sausages.

Allow to cool in the fridge for about an hour.

While the koftas are cooling make the corn salsa, place the corn in a pan of boiling water for 2-3 minutes and then run under cooled water.

Pat the corn dry with a tea towel until completely dry, now with a blow torch char the corn on the cob all over.

Once charred with a sharp knife cut the corn kernels off the core, place in a bowl and add the diced red onion, ½ tablespoon nigella seeds, remaining za’atar, chopped oregano and olive oil, season to taste and mix well.

Lightly toast the remaining nigella seeds and place to one side.

To serve cook the koftas on a chargrill or BBQ for best flavour, once cooked, place on top of a good spoon of the yoghurt, sprinkle the corn salsa and toasted nigella seeds and finish with a good drizzle of lemon oil.

CDC Weddings: British Cuisine

Roast Sirloin, Potato Terrine, Pea Purée, Tenderstem Broccoli, Pickled Girolles, Watercress, Red Wine Sauce

Potato Terrine

750g Whole peeled potatoes

75g Butter

Maldon sea salt

Thinly slice potato and mix with salt and melted butter. Line a tray with grease proof paper and lay potato mix to fill the tray. Cover with tin foil and bake in the oven for 30-40 mins.


Roasted beef

480g Beef Sirloin

Vegetable oil


Maldon Sea salt

Peeled garlic cloves

Trim the beef sirloin of any sinew and heavy amounts of fat. Rub with oil and seasonings. Sear in a very hot pan and leave to cool.


Pea and Mint puree

50g peas

50g baby spinach

50g Mint leaves

25g double cream

5g unsalted butter

Maldon sea salt

Bring butter, cream and salt to the boil. Steam the spinach, peas and mint for 3 minutes. Place all ingredients into a blender and blend on full until smooth. Pass through a fine sieve and set aside for later.


140g Tenderstem broccoli

Trim broccoli stalks. Steam for 2 or 3 minutes until cooked. This should be done just before serving.

5g Watercress

Wash and trim watercress


Pickled girolles

Pickling liquor

250ml white wine vinegar

250ml Caster sugar

Bay leaf

5g peppercorns

100ml water

Place all ingredients together in a pan and boil for 5 minutes. Set aside to cool and prepare the mushrooms. Add to the pickling liquor and leave to pickle for at least 1 hour.


Red wine sauce

300ml beef stock

150ml red wine

2 tbsp red currant jelly

Place the beef stock into a saucepan and reduce by one third. Add the red wine and red currant jelly. Leave to simmer for around 45 mins or until the sauce coats the back of the spoon. Set aside for later.


To assemble

Cook the sirloin in the oven at 180 degrees to your liking. Put the terrine in the oven until golden and hot in the middle. Heat the pea puree in a pan and heat the red wine sauce in a separate pan.  Steam the broccoli.

Arrange all the elements on the plate as in the picture shown.

Let's beGIN...

The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives and minds than all the doctors in the empire.
— Winston Churchill

Over the past few years, this once humble spirit has seen a renaissance with British distilleries more than doubling in the past five years. Bars across the country have their own ‘Gin Lists’ to cater for the variety of brands making this spirit the ‘go to’ drink for cocktail and spirit lovers - we even have a Gin Club at the Granary Barns too!

As we celebrate ‘World Gin Day’ today and our nation continues to fall in love with this versatile spirit all over again, we want to celebrate a few of the local distilleries in our region and find out how you could serve up a delicious cocktail this evening using their products to enjoy on your Saturday night! We can feel the hangovers coming on already! ;) #WorldGinDay

Cambridge Distillery Dill Sour-min.jpg


Cambridge Dry Gin 30ml

Lemon 25ml

Honey syrup 20ml

Apple juice 25ml

Egg white

Fresh dill, seasonal flower and dill pollen to garnish


Combine all ingredients in a shaker, dry shake then shake with ice. Fine strain and serve over ice in tumbler. Garnish with dill pollen, dill and fresh flowers.


Cold Brew Martinez

Cambridge Distillery Cold Brew Martinez-min.jpg


Cambridge Dry Gin  30ml

Sweet Vermouth  20ml

Cold Brew Coffee 10ml

Cherry syrup (Monin)  5ml

Angostura bitters 2 drops

Tiny pinch of salt

Rose buds and Turkish delight to garnish



Add all ingredients in to a mixing beaker, stir and strain in to chilled coupette. Garnish with rose buds and a Turkish delight.


Elderflower Collins

Cambridge Distillery Elderflower Collins-min.jpg


30ml Cambridge Dry Gin

30ml Cambridge Elderflower Liqueur

20ml fresh lemon juice

10ml sugar syrup

100ml tonic water

Lemon zest and seasonal flowers to garnish



Fill a long glass with ice, and add your favourite tonic. Shake the first four ingredients quickly with ice, and pour into your glass. Garnish with lemon zest and your choice of edible spring flowers.

Located in central Cambridge you’ll find The Cambridge Gin Laboratory, an interactive space dedicated to the appreciation of gin! It’s a fantastic afternoon out where you can tour the laboratory, learn about the origins of gin, the processes used to make it and tastings are also available for all of you gin lovers out there! You can even have you very own personalised bottle made!

THE CAMBRIDGE GIN LAB, 10 Green Street, Cambridge, CB2 3JU


Bees Knees

bees knees cocktail.jpg


50ml The Newmarket Gin

2 teaspoons honey

20ml fresh lemon juice

20ml fresh orange juice


Add The Newmarket Gin and honey to a shaker and stir until all of the honey dissolves. Add the splash of lemon juice and orange juice and top up with ice. Shake well before straining into a martini glass. Garnish with an orange zest twist.


Gin Garden

summery cocktail.jpg


50ml The Newmarket Gin

100ml cloudy apple juice

25ml elderflower liqueur

25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

Garnish with lemon or apple


Half fill your shaker with ice. Add The Newmarket Gin, elderflower liqueur, lemon and cloudy apple juice and shake until combined. Strain into an ice filled hurricane glass and garnish with a slice of apple or a twist of lemon peel.


Berry Bramble



50ml The Newmarket Gin

·25ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

¾ tbsp sugar syrup

ice cubes

crushed ice

¾ tbsp crème de mure

1 lemon

Handful of fresh blackberries


Muddle 6 blackberries in a rocks glass. Add 50ml of The Newmarket Gin, 25ml of freshly squeezed lemon juice, 25ml of sugar syrup into a mixer and shake! Then fill the glass two thirds full with crushed ice before pouring. Mix with a long-handled spoon. Top with more crushed ice and garnish with a blackberry on top! Yum.

The Newmarket Gin is handcrafted in small batches using an exclusive combination of ten botanicals in perfect balance to create an exceptionally smooth and refreshing English Botanist gin.

Since launching The Newmarket Gin has won a selection of prestigious awards for its design, taste and packaging including the Harpers Design Awards, International Spirits Challenge (ISC) and The Dieline Awards.

The Newmarket Gin is exclusively available from specially selected local stocklists including Bedford Lodge Hotel & Spa, Corney & Barrow, Palace House Shop and Majestic Wine.


Romantic Fashion

Romantic Fashion.jpg


50ml Pinkster (Two x 25ml measures)

1ml Pink grapefruit zest

Teaspoon caster sugar

Pink grapefruit wedge (squeeze)


Build in a short tumbler, squeeze grapefruit wedge in glass before discarding. Stir initially with three ice cubes until caster sugar has dissolved, then  add second measure of gin and stir. Garnish with grapefruit zest.


Je T’Aime


37.5ml Pinkster

15ml Chambord or raspberry liqueur

50ml Pineapple juice


Shake hard to